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Only The Healthy Green™ Foundation offers you “The Green Screen”™ and the Healthy Green™ Lifestyle Plan.” You quickly learn how to make sense of all the green choices, and choose only those products, services, and technologies that offer genuinely healthy solutions–not just slogans that make you “feel” good about going green.


Go green campaign

Join our campaign and make little eco-friendly contributions to paint the big picture of a healthy environment.


Go Green, help clean.

The awareness of saving our environment and using recyclable products is necessary to clean our surroundings and the oceans.


Recycle takes effort

Join hands with a community of volunteers who work towards creating a better place to live with recycled products.


Saving the trees by reusing the paper products for creative purposes.


Sustainable energy consumption awareness for saving resources.

green factory

Green energy production and innovations to facilitate our society.


Create and save for the future with sustainable consumption.


New and constructive energy consumption plans and ideas to save energy.


Unite with the idea of making our environment healthy once again.

 Healthy Green Updates

  • What conditions require an airplane air Ambulance As you may have known, air ambulance offers valuable medevac services for transporting individuals with medical concerns from one place to the other.  In other words, the air ambulance company is a lifesaving transportation service. You may be...

  • No doubt, the importance of recycling plastic wastes in Scottsdale, cannot be ignored due to the health benefits it offers to our natural environment. Without argument, wastes have a negative effect on the natural environment. Greenhouse gasses and harmful chemicals are released from wastes in...

  • One of the most important things that we should remember is that the Earth does not belong to us; we belong to her. She will be here for billions of years after we drive ourselves into extinction. If you think that humans are going to kill Earth, you are half right. After the Earth dies, we humans will also die with her. After we are gone, she will heal herself, and she will be reborn. It will take her a couple of thousand years to recover, but she will undoubtedly recover from the plague that is humanity. It is just the harsh truth the majority of the population either has no clue about what is going on with the planet, or they do know, and they are choosing not to do anything about it. Both are really pathetic, and that is humanity is one of Earth’s most significant issues. Save water We should start shifting towards environmentally-friendly lifestyles that will help the planet. It should also enrich our lives and give us a significant boost, as well. We should start by ditching some unnecessary chemicals (carefully) and also unhealthy foods as well. By ditch, I do NOT mean litter. Here are some tips that you should follow. These will undoubtedly help the Earth. We SHOULD fight for a greener future, at least for the future generations.  

    • You should try as much as you can to save energy. This would be one of the most direct ways that you reduce your impact on the environment. Make your home greener and also tell your friends and family about it. That is how you spread the positivity. Make use of some low energy light bulbs. Switch off all of the appliances when they are not in use. Unplug all of your chargers when you do not need them. Make sure that you insulate your house and lower your thermostat. You should also wash your clothes at lower temperatures.Plastic recycling
    • SAVE WATER. I cannot stress this enough. Well, it is going to start affecting us very soon if all of us take fresh water for granted. We should not. We should do all we can to save as much water and also use less water. We should fix leaks, we should take short showers, and we should do more about this issue.
    • We should cut down on fuel usage. We should use cycles, and we should carpool. Avoid taking your car out if you can rather walk instead.
    • Make sure that you go organic. You should also choose local and seasonal produce. Reduce your meaty meals; this will make you healthier as well.

  • Do you ever take a while and think about what is the matter with your garage door? We hope not. A garage door is something that you’d be capable to take for granted. When I come home after a long day at the office, I...

  •   Today we are going to discuss the top five uses of ALEXA for home automation for any buyer. Did you purchase an Amazon Echo device and now you find yourself questioning ALEXA (voice assistant) what time is it? Or how is the weather today...

  • The Importance Of Getting A Good Locksmith The importance of getting a good locksmith cannot be overemphasized and since the job is very important as any call for a locksmith is a call of emergency, you need to make sure you are hiring the right...

  • There are different kinds of glasses and even in these different kinds of glasses, there are a wide range of quality. Most times one has to know their way around glasses and understand their basic chemistry to tell which is good and which is not...