What are the Key Ingredients to Look for in Quality Auto Glass?

What are the Key Ingredients to Look for in Quality Auto Glass?

There are different kinds of glasses and even in these different kinds of glasses, there are a wide range of quality. Most times one has to know their way around glasses and understand their basic chemistry to tell which is good and which is not so good and which is bad. Especially when it comes to auto glass, and the replacement of it in cars , unfortunately, not everyone is a auto glass replacement expert and not everyone knows the chemistry of glass. There are however some small and easy to understand things yet stand to be key points to tell the quality of glass.

Uses of glass

Glass is being used for production of numerous wares, ranging from kitchen wares to furniture and even car glass parts. Taking the car glass parts as good examples. The windshield which is one of the most important parts of a car comes in different qualities. Some are better than others and some are just risky to even use in the first place. Glass has been used to make things like tables, screens, car parts, mirrors, and many other important things.

Chemistry of glass

The process of making glass is a process known as chemical fusion.

The major component in making glass is silica sand. This is the main component in glassmaking but it is not the only important component, some other components of glasses are dolomite, soda ash, limestone, etc. Aluminum oxide, as well as potassium oxide, is added to the glass making process to increase the quality of the glass. All these materials are combined and they are heated to a very high temperature to produce glass. These materials are combined with water and they are heated and thus glass is produced. This process is called chemical fusion and this is rightly so because all the components are fused.

Key ingredients to look for in Quality glass

1. Aluminum oxide

This is one chemical that is to be added to any glass which is produced now. Glass used to start with silica sand but now it has been noticed that aluminum oxide plays a major role in the production of quality glass and thus has been used by so many glass producing companies. When aluminum oxide is added to the glass making procedure stronger glass is produced and glass with good optical quality is also produced.

2. Silica sand

This is also another parameter to check. The main material in making glass is sand but silica sand is used to make the best type of glass and one of the best ways to know this is to check the clarity of the glass and this can be done by checking the level of transparency as well as checking inside the glass for impurities.


3. Potassium oxide

This is another important material which is used to tell the quality of glass. Potassium oxide is important in the thermal expansion of glass. This means that helps glass to be able to expand at higher temperatures. This is very important because some glasswares break especially tumblers when they are exposed to high temperatures.

There are quite a lot of ingredients that are involved in making glass but some of them are just required in making regular glass. Quality glass is important for safety especially if they are needed for dangerous states like cars.


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