Top 5 uses of Alexa in Home Automation

Top 5 uses of Alexa in Home Automation


Today we are going to discuss the top five uses of ALEXA for home automation for any buyer. Did you purchase an Amazon Echo device and now you find yourself questioning ALEXA (voice assistant) what time is it? Or how is the weather today over and over? It is time for you to take your connection with ALEXA to the upper level with new topics.

Today, ALEXA has turned out to be an amazing personal assistant for home automation. It is made everyone’s life easier in several ways. We made a list of top five uses of ALEXA in home automation and alarm monitoring that’ll help you take your game to the next level. Not just will they make your usual work easier, but they’ll also make lot more enjoyable.

Control smart products

ALEXA can monitor and control smart devices such as lights, thermostats, switches and power outlets. To get started this, go to the skills feature of the app and allow the skill for your smart device. Doing so will make sure that anybody speaking to ALEXA can monitor those smart home products. You can include 3rd party skills via the app, but the simplest integrations are with smart products that work straightly with ALEXA can be found in the home automation section of the app’s menu.

Ask to Search the web

ALEXA can answer a number of questions about dates, TV shows, music, people and films. It can also make a smooth calculation, define, spell and more. If you need to help your children with their school work, ALEXA is here to help, just ask ALEXA what 81 divided by 9 is?

You can also be questioned, what new films are out? Or how far away is Easter or Black Friday? So you would not late for your holiday shopping. You can ask about news feed and sports updates as well!

Shop online

One interesting feature of ALEXA and one that is close to Amazon’s basic value is online shopping with voice-controlled. If you are an Amazon member, you can order several items with ALEXA. If you need to order an item, this’ll ask you to confirm with a security code that you set in the app. It tells you the product details and default payment way.

Listen to Articles and Audiobooks

Imagine you come house after a very long day, pour yourself a cut of hot coffee, sit down and relax, but just you ultimately get an option to unwind you keep in mind that you did not hit the play your audiobook.  A quick ALEXA read (book name), suddenly become extremely useful.

Use 3rd Party Skills

ALEXA is supplemented with 3rd party apps called skills utilizing skills you can play song, order pizza and if you need a taxi, ALEXA voice assistant can order an UBER for you.

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