Environmental Toxins & Disease Triggers


Environmental toxins and disease “triggers” are causing new illnesses and health problems faster than the medical community can research and react. When your life is out of balance and your body has been overexposed to environmental toxins, adding chemical based medicines from your doctor may make the problem worse rather than better.


The Healthy Green™ Foundation is here to help fill the gap between the solutions currently being offered and the answers you need to overcome illness at its very source.


Environmental toxins are a leading cause of these symptoms:

New Sensitivities
Allergic Reactions
Bloating and Sweating
Mood Swings
Weak Immune System
Weight Gain
Brain Fog
Poor Concentration
Poor Digestion
Cold/Heat Intolerance
New Aches and Pains
Fluid Retention
Rashes, Acne
Menstrual Problems


We are living in a different world than we ever have. Today, when you choose to make healthy choices, unless you take into consideration your living and working environments and your overall lifestyle, you are missing some key components of being truly healthy and happy. Going Green is no longer an option – it is the only option. Learn from the very start how to do it right. Call us. We are here to help.